TikTok Events API Setup

Please follow these steps to install TikTok Events API on Signalsight:

1. Add Tiktok Pixel as Destination

  1. Login to your Signalsight.io account.
  2. If you already have a tracker on Signalsight, you can go to Trackers from the left menu otherwise you can use the wizard to create a new tracker.
  3. Click on the tracker that you want to add a Tiktok destination.
  4. Click the "Add New Destination" button to add your Tiktok pixel.
  5. Tracker Detail
  6. Select "Tiktok Events API" as "Destination Type" from the screen that opens and enter your Tiktok Pixel ID and Access Token information. Please refer to the NEXT STEP to see how you can create Access Token

2. How to Find Pixel ID on Tiktok Ad Manager?

You can find your Tiktok Pixel ID on your Tiktok Ad Manager using following path:

Tiktok Ad Manager >> Events >> Pixel ID

TikTok Ad Manager

Copy Pixel ID and paste it into the “Create Destination” screen.

Tiktok Pixel

3. Add Tiktok Events API as Destination

Click the “Add New Destination” button again to add your Tiktok server-side API connection.

create destination

Select "Tiktok Events API" as "Destination Type" from the screen that opens and enter your Tiktok Pixel ID and Access Token information.

Tiktok Web Api

4. TikTok Generate Access Token

To create a TikTok Events API access token, access the Pixel settings screen and follow the appropriate procedures:

generate access token

You can activate the “Automatic Advanced Matching” option for more matches. (optional)

advanced matching

Click the “Generate Access Token” button.

Copy the text of the generated Access Token and paste it into the designated field.

tiktok access token

5. GTM/Frontend Code Activation Transactions

Caution! Familiarity with Tag Manager is necessary for this step. If you are not the designated tag manager, please seek assistance from the appropriate parties.

To view your TikTok tags, navigate to your Tag Manager application and search for "TikTok tags" (ttq).

gtm tiktok

Select the “Tiktok Base Code” tag and disable the lines starting ttq.load and ttq.page with the // sign (comment-out), then press the “Save” button.

tiktok base code

Stop all your other Tiktok tags by going into detail and clicking the "Pause" button.

tiktok ttqs

6. Signalsight - Activating TikTok Script

Locate your active Signalsight tags by searching for "p2sq" on the Tag Manager screen. To view all tags containing "p2sq" click the "View more results" button.

tag manager

In the line where the Signalsight loader code is loaded, add the phrase “-tt” after the version information.

gtm tt tags

Include the "-tt" characters in the Signalsight loader code:

loader tt tags

Verify that your TikTok server-side events are activated by clicking the "Preview" button, to confirm that the modifications you have made on the tag manager screen are accurate.

tagmanager preview

You can use the Tiktok Pixel Helper tool for testing.

tiktok test


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